Message from our President

Well, another Christmas is gone. Hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday. Some of you may have traveled far away for the holiday — if so, I hope you had safe travels. Others, like myself, stayed close to home.  But, whether you traveled or stayed home, I hope you have enjoyed your family, friends and time together.

With only a couple of days remaining in 2017 (I am writing this on 12/27/2017), we need to begin thinking of things we want to accomplish in 2018. As guild members, we should remember our mission statement and try to participate in guild activities as much as we are able to, join other guild members in volunteering in community service projects, and continue to do our best to uphold what our guild stands for.

We have a wonderful speaker/teacher, Erica Plank, coming to our January 16th meeting. Erica will also be having a workshop, “Cathedral Windows Pillowtop” on Wednesday, January 17th at Family Threads Quilt Shop from 10am-3:30pm. We need a MINIMUM of 6 (six) to be signed up (and paid) to make it worth Erika’s time to do the workshop. At present, we have THREE who have signed up and paid for the class. CONTACT NADINE DAROZA to join in the fun at the workshop —- you must PAY for the workshop ($25) to be considered “signed up” for the class!!!! I will be emailing the SUPPLY LIST for the workshop to “paid” enrollees approximately 1-2 weeks before the workshop. PLEASE DON’T LET THIS BE A “FLOP”!!!!!

If we don’t have enough people signed-up (and paid) for this workshop, it will have a very negative impact on any future workshop/classes. We only learn by doing, and by attending classes, and without participation, we will not be able to fund these in the future.

Again, please think about participating in this first workshop of the new year —- it will be fun!!!

Keep quilting,
 Dianna Smith, President of the Pinnacle Quilters of San Benito County